Business Law

One of the primary practice areas at Yarian & Patatanyan LLP is business and corporate law. Our lawyers regularly go beyond the customary services, tailoring their work to the specific needs of each client. Contact us to discuss your business law matters.

Because our attorneys have decades of experience counseling companies and boards of directors in business law matters, we can bring creative solutions for the development of your businesses and the resolution of legal problems that save both money and time for a variety of organizations. A few of the services the attorneys at our firm provide to corporations include:

  • Providing representation in contract disputes
  • Representing in arbitration proceedings
  • Developing employment agreements
  • Creating corporations
  • Litigating employment matters
  • Litigating business/commercial issues
  • Drafting asset purchase agreements
  • Representing employees in disputes
  • Developing shareholder agreements
  • Real Estate disputes
  • Broker Liability
  • All other commercial and Business litigation

Armed with a long history of successful verdicts and settlements, we can bring considerable weight into any negotiation or dispute, from business formation to operation to dissolution.