Elder Abuse

Our firm is committed to protecting the rights of our elderly. As the people who raised and nurtured us enter their later years, they are often among the most defenseless; virtually unable to protect themselves from abuse, neglect and exploitation by others.

Elder abuse and neglect is unforgivable, whether at the hands of a stranger, a family member, friend or as is most commonly the case, the hands of a caretaker in a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility.

Be on the lookout for one or more of the following and call our Firm if you suspect any of the following:

  • Neglect or failure of a caretaker to provide goods or services essential to avoid physical harm, mental anguish or mental illness. This may occur from denying food, health or hygiene, or abandonment.
  • Physical abuse or permitting physical pain or injury.
  • Emotional or mental anguish, such as engaging the elderly in ways that humiliate, intimidate or threaten.
  • Financial or material exploitation. This often occurs under the guise of supposedly “helping” or “protecting” the elderly person from others or himself/herself.
  • Sexual abuse or harassment, such as non-consensual sexual contact, behavior, suggestions or comments of any kind.

If you are a concerned relative or friend of an elderly person you believe may be suffering from abuse then call Yarian & Patatanyan LLP today!.