Products Liability and Class Action

Defective Product/Products Liability Attorneys

Dangerous, defective, improperly labeled or improperly used products are everywhere. Defective and dangerous products, marketing defects, and manufacturing defects have the ability to cause serious injuries, permanent disabilities, and potentially death. Types of defective products may include consumer products, defective automobiles, defective medical products, and dangerous drugs.

You need an experienced products liability attorney to protect your rights. The lawyers at Yarian & Patatanyan LLP are experienced in investigating the injury, determining all potentially responsible parties, and proving that the defective product caused your injuries.

We protect the rights of our clients who have been injured by a wide variety of defective products:

  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Tools and ladders
  • Machinery
  • Children’s products and toys
  • Toxic substances

As your products liability attorneys we know how to protect your rights and recover the maximum amount of compensation for a defective product injury available to you under the law.

Class Action/Consumer Protection Attorneys

Consumer protection actions, or class actions, can stem from an almost unlimited variety of misconduct or defective products.

Consumer protection lawsuits, or class action lawsuits, are brought on behalf of consumers against lenders, corporations, and insurance companies for violating a business practice, breaching a warranty, or committing fraud against large numbers of consumers. Large scale consumer protection cases and class action lawsuits are typically complex and likely to involve mountains of documentation, dozens of investigators, experts and consultants, volumes of state and federal legislation, and challenging or novel legal issues.

Yarian & Patatanyan LLP will tenaciously lead and prosecute your class action lawsuit throughout the country.

The class action lawyers at Yarian & Patatanyan LLP enjoy a distinct national and statewide reputation for excellence in the area of consumer protection litigation and class action lawsuits.